Gigging in Australia


Gigging in Australia

On March 12, 2014, I, Emilio Modeste, will embark on a trip to Australia with my school’s high school jazz band. “Gigging in Australia” will raise funds to support my first ever professional recording session on March 17th in Melbourne where my jazz band will collaborate with jazz students in Melbourne and record 1-2 songs (TBD). Your support will allow me to make and mail individual CDs and t-shirts (with original artwork) for supporters; perform in Farewell concerts on March 18th in Melbourne and on March 23rd in Sydney; create, transcribe, and perform one composition of new music based on my cultural & musical immersion experience and share with supporters. I perform locally in NYC with a high school quintet and will compose a piece of new Australian-influenced music for the band. I will share the music file with supporters and invite them to the local NYC gig if the work is being performed live by the quintet (supporters who are not local will receive a video to download, post event). Your support will also allow me to attend classes and workshops on aboriginal Australian music and culture; support technology in-country (mobile wi-fi use) so I can update my travel blog with posts/photos regularly, and interact with my supporters via social media while in Australia. PLEASE SUPPORT my trip to Australia and

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